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Movember Action Hero Day 30
It has been the journey of a lifetime discovering my own inner Movermber Man. I am no longer the scared little photo boy anymore. Through helping my fellow man in kicking Prostate cancer to the curb I have learned the value of meat, how to put my best fist forward and to bulk up to take on any challenge. And in the end, like in any action movie event though i get the girl and wield a gun, the main value I learned was teamwork.

So with that I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to:
Jen Crane, Christine Geraghty, Jennifer Wynne and Kathleen Medwyk
for helping donate to the Cause and giving my silly little project purpose!

Looking froward to doing my best next year, until then Movember man bids you all adieu.

Movember Action Hero Day 30

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