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Movember Day 06
Make a donation and help me dropkick prostate cancer in the ass! Visit my Movember page here:

Becoming a real man is much harder than i had originally though. The hair pushing through my skin burns with ferocity of a thousand suns focused through a thousand magnifying glasses!

I needed some help, so I used my good friend the internet. He told me to check out these Manly men Epic Meal Time They appeared to get their power for Bacon but i had to be sure. According to this page and first on their list "1. Protein Grows Hair" and last time I checked (3 minutes ago)Bacon IS Protein!!! So after a good lathering I feel that I am indeed one step closer to becoming the hero of Movember!

Movember Day 06


If you are growing a stash for Movember you are my comrade and as thanks I would like to photograph you the people of Movember in a little thing I like to call Motography, Whether you are in a work group or are individually awesome drop me a line and I would love to photograph your face!

paul (at)


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